Due Date to File Form W2 for 2019 Tax Year

What is Form W2?

Why Electronic Filing is the Preferred Method to file W-2 Tax Forms?

The entire process of electronic filing gets done in just a few minutes.

An Easy to Use Software to File Form W2 Online

Our software simplifies Form W2 filing by offering an easy-to-use, straightforward e-filing experience with a step by step process and helpful tips. We also support the e-filing of all the employment tax forms such as Form 941,940,944, Form 1099 (MISC, INT, DIV, R, S, B), and Form 1095-B/C that you are responsible to file for. Just choose the required form and file it directly with the IRS.

Our Software will make you filing stress-free with these time-efficient features:

direct w2 state filing

Direct State Filings

Some states mandate employers to file W-2 forms for the respective state even if they have filed their Form w2 with the Federal. Further, some state additionally require employers to attach the Annual Reconciliation and Transmittal Form along with the Form w2. With our software your Form W-2 will be transmitted to the respective state along with the required annual reconciliation and transmittal form.

print & postal mailing

Print & Postal Mailing

Employers have the responsibility of issuing the copies of W2 forms to their employees. We take care of this process with our print and postal mailing feature. We will have your Form copies to print & postal mail it to your employees on-time. All you have to do is to select the print & postal mail option once you have completed your form information.

upload w2 forms in bulk

Bulk Upload

Do you have more employees to report with or Are you a tax pro having multiple employers to report their W2s? You can just upload all your employee/employer information at once with our Excel template, or use your own template with the same column headings that match our template and file all your W2 forms online instantly.

print center

TIN Matching

Never worry about TIN errors. We validate your employees’ TIN to reduce the chance of TIN errors in your filing. Our system notifies you for any TIN mismatches and we allow you to correct the TIN and retransmit it with the SSA.

Auto generated W3 Form

Online Access Portal

Your employees can access their Form W-2 copies through a secure online portal. They can view or download their copies anywhere, anytime. They will be notified even if you reported any correction on their Form W-2.

w2 form corrections

W-2 Form Corrections

Have you made mistake on your previous w2 form? If so you can easily correct & transmit it again with our software. While filing with our software the transmittal Form W-3c is automatically generated. Also we will print & postal mail the corrected copies to your employees.

What Information Required to File Form W2 Online?

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How to File Form 2019 W-2 Online with our E-filing Software?

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Form W-2 is due by January 31, 2020.
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